Altima International Group was founded in June 2011 to provide world class service safely for the customers, suppliers and associates. Altima firmly believes that all three are equally important to meet its goals of being the premier corporate partner to each.

Altimaís founders are JP Espinosa and Jorge Abreu each has a different business expertise that symbiotically meshes in their knowledge of chemicals and the premise of being safe, offering great service, making some profits and having fun while accomplishing each.

JP has over 20 years of experience in the import and export business. His experience is in safely offering excellent service to the customers and Market Expansion Services for the suppliers in the chemical and equipment industry. He was Vice President of Sales at his previous employer and helped them double their sales, increase profitability and expand their market during his tenure at the company.

His affinity for safety and service is born in the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management acquired from Florida International University that stressed both in the hotel and restaurant sector. He immediately knew he would be successful in the chemical distribution business when during a training exercise, he was asked by the chemist to scale up a paint formula and it was exactly the same as the scale up of a recipe in the restaurant kitchen. Each chemical has a function in a formula, as each ingredient does in a recipe. Even though he did not pursue his studies as a career he enjoys cooking for his wife, family and friends. His pursuits are family, cooking, world travel, fishing, pets and having fun.

Jorge has been working in the agricultural industry for over 20 years. He has grown his family nursery operation from 5 acres to 16 acres of production while expanding their clientele, market and product line. Prior to joining the family business, he was in veterinary pharmaceutical sales managing over 200 clients in South Florida, Europe and Latin America. To increase sales and profitability he educated the staff at the clientís clinics and hospitals on product attributes to promote specialty valued added products.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Animal Biology and one in Environmental Horticulture from the University of Florida, he decided to expand his knowledge by obtaining a Master in Business Administration from Florida International University. He participated in the Wedgworth Leadership Institute to build relationships and discuss issues in the agricultural community. As a stakeholder in the agricultural sector and the University of Florida, he continues to discuss issues related to the industry in local, state and federal government. As part of his continuing education he has travelled to Argentina, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Holland and India. He enjoys spending time with his family, camping, traveling and boating. He has begun training to participate in triathlons.

JP, Jorge and Altima look forward to building long-term relationships with all of the people whom they may cross paths.


Mission Statement

Altima International Group strives to be recognized in the industry and community as an innovative company that offers the best service and profitability safely for the customer and supplier by harnessing technology, increasing efficiency and optimizing costs.



Altima International Groupís vision is to be a leader in our industry providing world class service safely and efficiently.



Altima International Group prides itself in being an ethical, transparent, loyal and long-term relationship company with its associates, customers and suppliers.


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