WOW! Service

Excellent personalized service
  • Listen to customer needs
  • Tailor services to offer solutions and meet customer needs
  • Long term relationships with Salesperson
  • On time shipments
  • Accurate documentation
  • Quality and consistent products
  • Communication in local language

Taking advantage of frequent shipments
  • Reduces inventory
  • Improves cash flow
  • Reduces need of emergency air shipments
  • Reduces need of large warehousing area for raw materials

Product consolidation the “Supermarket Effect”
  • Receive all products at once no need to wait on other supplier’s products to manufacture
  • Stream line purchasing, logistics and follow up
  • Save on custom agent fees, wire transfers, communication, personnel expenses, etc.

Specialize in difficult to find, source and low volume products
  • Take advantage of Altima’s purchasing power

Technical Service at the customer’s or manufacturer’s lab
  • Guide formulations and technical assistance for new product development
  • Solutions to existing barriers
  • Assistance in formula optimization to reduce costs and improve performance (when possible)
  • Offer latest technologies
  • Send samples when necessary


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