Minimize risks in emerging markets
  • No need to generate export documentation
  • Mitigate foreign governmental and economic instability
  • Regulatory Compliance
  •  Secure A/R in USA
Ability to consolidate products the �Supermarket Effect�
  • Purchasing for diverse markets and customers increases the volume of a shipment to Altima�s facility drastically reducing warehouse and inland freight costs
  • Supplier saves time and money by reducing paper work related to dock receipts, invoicing, shipments, B/L, A/R, bank deposits, etc.
  • Fewer shipments sent to a single facility by serving the market through a preferred channel to market
  • The larger the geographical territory that Altima covers for a supplier it increases the efficiency and cost savings
  • These efficiencies assist Altima in offering competitive pricing to the customer
Advantage of partnering with a group of professionals that are highly experienced, knowledgeable in local markets, well respected and have an established network of contacts
  • Taking advantage of Altima�s established marketing, sales, customer service and distribution network is faster and more cost effective avenue to market
  • Simplify and expedite the new supplier and product exposure to the customer
  • More personal time spent interacting and promoting products directly with decision makers at the customer�s facility by visiting 4 � 5 times annually
  • Deep understanding of cultural differences and ability to communicate in local languages, some of the associates are trilingual
  • Boost supplier�s revenue by not having to develop/hire a sales and marketing department to travel throughout unfamiliar environments.
Cost of travel diluted across the range of customers, products and markets served
Emphasize on specialty/value added products which are difficult to approve, sell and replace providing enhanced profitability and sales stability
  • Ability to consolidate samples in LTL or FCL orders to save the customer fees and reduce obstacles in their retrieval from customs
Facilitate market development by leveraging existing customer base, network and know how to identify potential target customers through market research.
Market Expansion services offer efficiencies for both multinational and medium to small suppliers by taking advantage of the knowledge of local markets, established contacts and efficient distribution.

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