Altima is proud to represent some of the world’s finest manufacturers. Altima and the manufacturers are working together to offer quality and innovative products, technical assistance and WOW service for our customers. It is impossible to represent every fine manufacturer, if you cannot find the manufacturer desired listed, please inquire and Altima will source their products for you.

Oswaldo Cruz Química:

Oswaldo Cruz Quimica (OCQ) is one of the leading resin manufacturers in Brazil offering Acrylic Resins, Styrene Acrylic Resins, Styrene Butadiene Resins, Vinyl Acrylic Resins, Terpolymer Veova, PVA Homopolymers, Rheology Modifiers, Dispersants, Opaque Polymers, Opacifiers and PVC Modifiers. OCQ is constantly developing new products, entering new markets and is willing to make minor product modifications to their products to tailor the product to customer’s needs. OCQ serves a wide range of markets including Paint and Coatings, Inks, Adhesives, Construction Additives, Household and Institutional Care, Textile, Paper, Sugar and Alcohol, Sealant and PVC.

American Talc Company:

American Talc Company is North America’s largest supplier of ceramic talc. American Talc offers talc products for the ceramic, paint, body filler, plastic, roofing, composite wood and agricultural industries.


Cutting-edge material science company specialized in engineered clay-based additive for Antimicrobial silver-based protection BactiBlock® Additives and developments for Oxygen Scavenging O2Block® additives.


Ecological ROTEC® lightweight aggregates optimize the energy efficiency, overall weight, the processing properties, residential living environment and product quality in countless products for the industry, improved construction practices and in providing do-it-yourself solutions.

Thiele Kaolin Company:

Thiele Kaolin is one of the world's leading sources for processed kaolin clay, with facilities in North America and Europe. Thiele mines, processes, blends and delivers the full spectrum of kaolin coating and filler pigments, each tailored to meet your needs.

Pest Management Services:
Target Pest Control


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